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I want to steal this community, beware

I just wrote a really long post explaining my evil purposes, and now I've lost it.

I will stil provide you with clips which will hopefully make you go WTF?!, and you will ask me about it next time I see you.

P.S, whilst I think about it, can I come round your's again on Monday?

I, well the Comic Strip, Presents to you: The Bullshitters!

This clip is from the sequel in '93. Is not as good a show as the original, though Broadbent is very funy in it, and there are lots of songs, which is nice.

This one is from the original which was aired in '84, jesus, that's nine years before Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown. Peter Richardson doesn't look at all different. Woah.

Anyway, you'll have to take my word for that cos this clip is entirely Keith Allen, which sounds sucky, but he's acutally quite good in this one. He doesn't talk much. There's a bit of Robbie Coltrane at the end, but obviously is doesn't do him justice, this bit preceeds the "Russian's Gay Serum Made Me Do It" speech by Keith Allen, which is genuinely bloody hillarious. Have I got you saying wtf yet? The word on the back of the jacket is knobs.

Those explanation-y bits were for my benefit, I love talking about the Bullshitters.
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